24 hours in the Lab Season 2

Short videos produced during COVID lockdown around the world

Lead participants

- Ami and Aya Suzuki aka AMIAYA (Japanese artists)

- Tigarah (Japanese DJ and TV host)

- Tomoki Saito Matsushita (Japanese Chef)

- Jacqueline Whang (US Teacher and Yogist)

- Lena Shan (Entrepreneur and Model)

- Khanh-Ly Hyunh (Chef and Restaurant CEO)

- Lyn Alumno (Stylist and creative director in Manila)

- Ah-Young Son (Creative Director and CEO)

- Jess Hu (New York-based dancer)

- Chilla (French-Malagasy artist, singer)

- Maz Ullah (multi tasking YouTuber)

- Tricia Jane (creator and arch student in Houston, Texas)

24 hours in the Lab Season 2 :

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